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Why hire an internal IT person, when you can have an entire team of IT experts for a fraction of the cost?

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HHI Industries combines an in-depth understanding of a multi-faceted Supply Chain System with mission knowledge to enhance our clients’ operations and prepare them for the future. Our team of experts provides actionable guidance on existing and emerging technology. HHI gives custom consultation to all asset management needs. We utilize the latest technology and industry-standard project management techniques to help our clients reach their goals efficiently and effectively.

An example of our work is how we assisted NCIS in improving its system functionality. HHI manages and maintains a fleet of nearly 1500 vehicles worldwide for NCIS. We were responsible for researching and implementing the GSA Fleet2Go application, which allows the vehicle operator to see when preventive maintenance is required, locates the nearest roadside assistance, identifies the correct fuel station, and alerts the operator when vehicle recalls are in effect. 

Due to HHI’s research and testing of the application, the IT department authorized the system to be used throughout the Agency by loading the application on the Agency’s iPhone. This application saves the government thousands of dollars.


How Does HHI Reduces Cost?

Some Government agencies do their fleet management in-house because they believe it will save them money. In the long run, it doesn’t. Vehicle fleets that aren’t professionally managed cost more in vehicle management, agency human capital, and asset maintenance and disposition.

Government agencies have to keep a vigilant eye on all money allocations. When outsourcing becomes the more affordable option for fleet management, they can’t ignore it. But how does outsourcing fleet management save money?

The HHI Approach

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